# but seriously though # LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL DYNAMIC # this is what we should have had # boyd looks so surprised # and then not surprised at all # resigned maybe # and a little fond # like okay then # and isaac who’s just like # well # I guess that’s something I have to hear about now # also ouch # and then there’s derek # LOOK HOW AMUSED DEREK HALE IS # we act like he’s this closed off person who’s angry all the time # and yeah he screws up but there’s moments when no one is trying to kill him # where he can just be with his pack # and he looks so like taken aback # but amused # and a lot proud of like # yes # she just said that # look who’s coming out of their shell # also # that is a fantastic point erica thank you ( via summerchild-madeofstone)


when a sex scene goes on tv and your parents are in the room

And you don’t know whether you should be like



OMG I’m so innocent, I’m totally shocked by this:image

Trying to look disgusted while secretly watching everything:image

Looking confused and quickly leaving the room:


Grabbing a magazine and trying to look uninterested:image

Looking at everything but the screen:


Acting as if nothing is wrong:


…Or you’re simply like this:






None of this shit is funny.

All of this is self hate.

All of this is dehumanizing.

All of this is foolish ignorance.

This is not only disgusting, but appalling as well; exactly how can we succeed as a community when you put down the very women who bring you up?

These “men” are children.

If you do not support black women, you do not support black power. Black power is not just for black men. If you do not support black women.. Congratulations! You have ‘slave mentality’.

The hatred of black women is taught by the white oppressor, older generations of black men, the media, and at some times other black women. As a whole, we cannot grow as a community if you HATE more then half of it.

Often when colorism is discussed in the black community, men and some women attribute darker skin as manly and attach racial slurs (non reclaim) to them.

Having malice towards darker skin does not make you above any person, and just to set the record straight: DATING, MARRYING, or FUCKING a white woman does not make you closer to the white man. You are black, that is who you are and that is who you will be, that is your identifier. NO MATTER where you will go you are black. You ancestors and your grandparents fought for the right to love one another.

So let me ask you this:
Is your mother an ugly monkey?
Is your sister an illiterate darkie?
Is your DAUGHTER, with skin the color of gold tier melanin UNWORTHY of human love and emotion? Should she be subject to the hate you spew from you ignorant lips? Are her tears useless, because she inherited YOUR skin?

For those who participate in such behavior, what is your skin tone? 9/10 they are as dark if not darker then the women they belittle.

This ignorance has got to STOP, if not for our current  generation…. Then the next.

- Susie, the Moderator who is sick of seeing self hate destroy her own community.

Anyone remember when I got completely sick of dealing with self hate? I do #TBT